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Are you ready to position yourself as the Expert and Authority in your niche? Having your own book is one of the most powerful and proven ways to create INSTANT credibility, trust and authority positioning.*book*png?alt=media&token=0d8ee695-23a5-4c6d-b4e7-fecebdf403ca

Being a Published Book Author 
Changes Your Prospects 
Perception Of You Completely*im1*png?alt=media&token=f5a34efb-9966-48ff-b281-bbcbf783af80

Instant Credibility 

A book is a trusted and well-known credibility builder in the mind of those who are seeking out help on a specific subject matter- you being the author on that subject matter will instantly boost your credibility.*im2*png?alt=media&token=05cf4fc5-8d1f-4c99-bde4-83cfce2d125b

Trust Building 

Scammers and fly-by-nights surely do not take the time to create a book on the services they are offering- your prospects will know you are "all in" on your service and the trust building will happy naturally.*im3*png?alt=media&token=3552176a-71c7-4bc9-942c-c33684e25afa

Authority Positioning 

Being seen as an expert and advocate in the eyes of your prospect with a book with position you as THE Authority in your niche and your competition wont stand a chance.  

What others are saying about their Ask The Expert Books:*limg*png?alt=media&token=23164a2b-1e2a-4054-a38f-634019570cf3
My book has been a total game changer, I give it out to everyone and they all love it, I have lost count of how many referrals I have received as a result of it Marco you ROCK bro Thank you!!
-Mario Galdos 
President, Triton Group Home Loans*str*png?alt=media&token=09b0f595-d53d-4bfe-b5cf-65d1e8d4eb96*limg1*png?alt=media&token=ea7ba831-eac1-4d45-afd5-267860d6bdf9
My Ask The Expert Book has given me a huge edge over all the other Realtors out here, it helps me stand out and has helped me grow my business further it's truly amazing.
-Hector Chavira
Texas Realtor*str*png?alt=media&token=09b0f595-d53d-4bfe-b5cf-65d1e8d4eb96

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